The general meetings of the association are in full swing

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During the winter and spring, most fishing associations hold their annual general meeting, where members are informed of the association's previous year's results, management, and plans for this year. Representatives of the Federation of Sport Fishing Associations Vas County actively participate in these events and provide information to those interested.

The general meetings of the association are in full swing

In recent weeks, the leader of the Association is the Répcelaki HE, the Zalaszentmihály HE. and Csepregi Répcementi HE. attended its general meeting. The General Assembly in Csepreg also underwent a re-election, where the former leadership was re-elected under Norbert Farkas for the next five years. Nearly 200 anglers were briefed at the last three general meetings. General meetings provide a great opportunity for spokespeople to address their concerns, questions, and personal discussions to find the best solutions for the future.

Incidentally, anglers are not only required to attend these meetings, but are also required by the articles of association. The following general meetings are expected in the near future: The Kmmmen Workers' Fishermen's Association will hold the officer-renewing general assembly at Körmend Fisherman's House on February 15, 2020 at 8.30 , and on February 21 , 2020 at 17.00 at the Electricity Sport Fishing Association . Detailed information on the topics planned by the General Meetings can be obtained from the fishing associations concerned.

Photo: Krinkina Winkler

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