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The fish ended up in the Rába River and Lake Magyarszecsődi

2022.11.17. Share

Based on the decision of the Vas County Fisheries Authority, the Hungarian National Fishermen's Association, as the rightful owner and trustee of the Döröske reservoir, carried out fish rescue activities following the complete draining of the reservoir and the relocation of the native fish stock to the nearby waters of Vas on Monday, November 14 and Tuesday, November 15. .

The fish ended up in the Rába River and Lake Magyarszecsődi

Within the framework of tender number MAHOP-1.2.1-2017-2018-00013, which supports the renovation of the dilapidated dam and circular breakwater, the rehabilitation of the water area and the reduction of alien species, the gradual lowering of the water level over a period of weeks began in September, so that the reservoir could soon begin reconstruction works of the circular aquifer and drainage structure.

Within the framework of the project, MOHOSZ aims to rehabilitate Lake Döröskei by suppressing invasive, non-native fish species, improving the condition of the riverbed and shore, and the quality of the water, as well as retaining the water and at the same time obtaining the missing water rights operating license for the lake. MOHOSZ will provide separate information on the planned works and project progress, as well as future goals.

The period of complete emptying of the lake arrived in mid-November, when the fishermen of Baja HALÉRT Bt. commissioned by MOHOSZ, trained in fish rescue activities, carried out the maximum possible rescue of the remaining fish stock of the reservoir.

Based on the official decision, the caught non-native or invasive fish were transported and destroyed (processed) by the organization performing the rescue, and the rescued native fish went into the Magyarszecsőd kavicsbánya lake and the Rába river in the following quantity and distribution:

- Monday, November 14:

  • Magyarszecsőd gravel mine lake: 48 kg pike, 27 kg catfish, 65 kg perch, 55 kg carp
  • Molnaszecsőd section of Rába river: 13 kg pike, 194 kg catfish, 29 kg perch

- Tuesday, November 15:

  • Sárvár section of Rába river: 11 kg pike, 12 kg catfish, 39 kg perch

We ask T. Horgásztárs to act especially sparingly during fishing in order to ensure the natural reproduction of the fish stock that will be planted during the fish rescue, especially in the case of carp and pike over 10 kg that have been caught in the Magyarszecsőd kavicsbánya lake.

The main goal of the fish rescue is to remove and transport the native fish as quickly as possible and, if possible, to plant them in a nearby fish farming water area. In addition, the fishing organization carrying out the fish rescue also collected more than 3,400 kg of invasive silver crucian carp over the course of two days, and MOHOSZ has a special legal status. as a member organization, it transported 43 kg of pike and 47 kg of carp for the purpose of artificial reproduction, to be kept as mother fish.

On both days of the fish rescue activity, a representative of the Vas County Fisheries Authority was present alongside the staff of our Association, monitoring the transport of the rescued native fish and assisting in its planting.

We would also like to thank those involved in the fish rescue for their work and help!

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