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The country's fishermen met and competed in Szarvas

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On September 19, the 5th National Fishing Competition and Professional Meeting began in Szarvas. The host of the event - for the third time now - is the Federation of Fishing Associations of Körösvidék. Three-person teams - 29 in number - delegated by the member organizations and associations of MOHOSZ competed against each other over three days.

The country's fishermen met and competed in Szarvas

The Liget Wellness and Conference Hotel, located in a picturesque setting, hosted the traditional event organized by MOHOSZ. The Vas County Association of Sportfishing Associations participated in the professional competition with a team consisting of fishery guards Tamás Karácsonyi, Benjamin Seregi, and Balázs Szekeres , while the team leader was József Mesterházy, fish management team leader.

The first day was about the professional presentations and the theoretical competition. Forensic expert Dr. Károly Györe gave a lecture on electric fishing gear. He was followed by Zsolt Ferenc Boros, the chief hunter of the Békés landscape unit , who explained the legal background of the reduction of the great cormorant and the Eurasian beaver. After the lunch, Lt. Col. Zsolt Zoltán Tóth presented the legal requirements for persons performing law enforcement duties based on practical examples. After that, Rikárd Pfeifer (Ráckevei Danube Fishing Association), Mihály Havranek (Balatoni Fish Farming Nonprofit ZRT.), Tibor Dudás (Fővárosi Fishing Associations Association) and Péter Donkó (Central-Tisza-Rural Fishing Associations Association) reported on their experiences with the antler harvesting carried out by their organization. .

In the first, theoretical competition, two members of the trio had to prepare a report of a violation of fish protection regulations based on a case description, while the third competitor had to complete a test consisting of 72 questions.

After breakfast on Tuesday, the other professional competitions began: water quality test, fish stocking practice, professional vehicle inspection. The organizers were also prepared with many interesting tasks, but of course there was also time for friendly conversations and exchange of experiences within the framework of the free programs, which is at least as important in this fast-paced world as practicing professional task performance.

On the third day, the teams competed against each other in three events to finally find out who this year's champions are. One of the three-person teams participated in an unusual fishing competition. In order for everyone to start under the same conditions, the same equipment, feed and bait were provided by the organizers. They had to install the five-meter long poles on the spot, for which they could only use the equipment in the unit packages. The non-fishing team members were measured in the boating and casting events. In the boat race, the pair had to row along a designated track, where the sharp-eyed and strict competition judges awaited them with different tasks at each station. In the casting competition, you had to throw at an Arenberg tarpaulin from three different distances – 10, 12 and 18 meters – and thus score as many points as possible.

Before the results announcement, Dr. István Dérér, the deputy president of MOHOSZ, handed five fish watchers national mandates and fifteen regional mandates. József Mesterházy, head of the fish management group of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, was appointed fish guard with territorial jurisdiction in Vas county.

In the fifth national fish watch competition, the Tolna County Association of Fishing Associations took first place, the Ráckeve Dunaági Fishing Association took second place, and the Zala County Association of Fishing Associations took third place. In the exciting competition, the team of iron fish guards finished in sixteenth place. The most successful individual competitor among those from Vas was Tamás Karácsonyi, who took second place in the fishing competition.

We thank the organizers, MOHOSZ, for the excellent programs and the opportunity.

We heartily congratulate all the teams that achieved a place!

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