Pick-up fishing cards at the Federal Office!

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As a result of the failed postal delivery, the Hungarian Fishing Card items returned to MOHOSZ will be distributed intermittently by the National Association to the nearest federal offices according to the delivery address of the fishermen.

Pick-up fishing cards at the Federal Office!

To date, more than 600,000 Hungarian Fishing Cards have been registered at the administrative points. Most of the fishing cards belonging to the registrations were produced, which Magyar Posta mostly sent to the anglers as a registered letter. In cases where the fisherman or clerk gave the wrong address, the consignee moved, the postman could not identify the address, the fisherman did not look for the consignment by mail or did not receive the notification within 10 days after the issuer issued the letter, return the letters were transferred to the MOHOSZ headquarters, which are continuously delivered to the nearest federal offices according to the delivery address of the fishermen.

At the office of the Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations, there are currently 86 fishing cards delivered but not received. Fishing cards that were not received during the postal delivery, but can be geographically linked to one of the fishing associations to the settlement included in the consignment, have been sent to the ticket exchange place of the given association!

If you registered before March and have not yet received your fishing card, please contact your association or the following Hungarian Fishing Card customer service contacts:

E-mail address:
+36 59 324 432

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