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Our beloved "home", our village under water...

2024.06.10. Share

We hereby inform fellow anglers and interested parties that a tidal wave of a size not seen in decades has reached the Pinka valley. As a result of the flooding, we provide the following information:

Our beloved "home", our village under water...

Our customer service office cannot open today and access to Vaskeresztes is limited. The j exchange is temporarily paused. In case of questions, please call our colleagues on their mobile phones or by e-mail instead of our central numbers. Contact details are available here.

Our Federation Center is currently not significantly affected by the flood, but the final of the Vasi Vizeken Elementary School Competition scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2024 will be postponed until the water level of the Alpine Lake in Vaskeresztes is settled. We will notify the teams of the new date.

Our welfare facilities on our Pinka backwater were caught up in the price, so we will see the exact damage after the flood recedes, but it can already be said that we have suffered significant damage, like many others, and we will work to restore our favorite fishing spot.

Our association and the Alpesi Fogadó are trying to help Vaskeresztes to the best of their ability, so we ask fellow anglers T. for their patience during the week due to possible interruptions related to administration and the organization of weekend competitions.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers and professionals who have been and are still working to preserve the built values of the Pinka Valley.
Anyone who has the opportunity should help the people who live there and pray together that no further rainfall will arrive, because the area has already suffered enormous damage...

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