On Saturday the complex control of the river Rába continued.

2019.06.30. Share

Our professional fishermen have once again carried out joint boat and shore inspections. Last night, a comprehensive inspection took place on the swell section of the River Raba over Nick and the surrounding waters. Boat inspectors were escorted to the shore again, communicating with each other.

On Saturday the complex control of the river Rába continued.

The majority of anglers positively rated the "two-shot attack" that surprised them, which was promoted by the quiet but high-powered electric boat engine. There was no significant violation of the rules, two people were warned about the cleanliness of the fishing grounds, a fishing alert was made for fishing near the artwork.

The inspection continued along the Little Rába on the lakes of Csánigi and Répcelak, and then again at the Rába Nicki section for a new inspection of the previously controlled fishermen.

Riverside complex inspections continue in the month of July and August on the entire Iron County section of the River Raba, based on the conduct of the river. The fishermen are kept informed of the results.

Hereby, we ask all honest anglers to help you with your well-grounded and valuable information to protect your river fish stocks, and make comments to our associates at the following contact:
info@vasivizeken.hu; Tel .: 06-94 / 506-835 or on our on-line anonymous reporting site at https://vasivizeken.hu/en/haldevelem/bejelento

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