On Saturday, another 1,850 kg of bream arrived in the iron waters

2020.11.15. Share

Continuing the bream plantations on Saturday morning, another 1850 kg consignment arrived in our waters from the Nagyberk site of Tógazda Halászati Zrt.

On Saturday, another 1,850 kg of bream arrived in the iron waters

During the weekend installation, it came into the following waters from the 15-30 dkg bream: Marcal river 500 kg, Csánigi lake 500 kg, Csepregi Brick Factory lake 350 kg, Pinka stream 500 kg. In line with previous reports, it is again noted that a few% mortality is a natural phenomenon after the bream has been harvested and sorted and then transported over long distances.

We ask our anglers to show restraint when fishing for native bream species, and to draw the attention of their fellow fishermen to this, so that specimens of the hard-to-obtain bream stock can be given the opportunity to reproduce naturally in the spring.

Depending on the procurement opportunities, our Association will continue its predator establishment program during November, which is also partially supported by the MOHOSZ Herd Replacement and Development Target Appropriation. Thank you for the help of the participants in the placement of the fish!

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