More waters were enriched with perch and bream

2020.11.11. Share

As part of the continuation of the previously indicated native fish stocking program, Tógazda ZRT. After fishing at the Nagyberki site, a significant amount of fish was again planted in the waters we managed on Monday.

More waters were enriched with perch and bream

After yesterday's planting, the total amount of fish introduced this year is approaching 118 tonnes, which is a record planting.

The following placements took place on Monday:

  • Csepregi Brick Factory Lake: 300 kg of mixed bream (bream, hoop, elderberry) with the support of the Csepregi Fishermen's Association.
  • 300 kg of mixed bream was also distributed on the Iron Cross section of Pinka and on the Iron Cross backwater.
  • In addition to the 400 kg mixed bream, the Szombathely Boating Lake is approx. He also received 250 two-perch perch.
  • In the section of the Rába river between Ikervár and Rum, 800 kg of bream arrived at Savaria HE in Vas County. with its partial support, 300 kg of mixed bream was introduced into the water in the Lower Lower section. In addition, the nearby sections of the Rába Alsószölnök, Csákánydoroszló and Körmend are approx. They were enriched with 430 perch.
  • Lake Kéthatár near Kerkafalva with 300 kg of bream is approx. He received 180 kg of two-perch perch with the support of the Kétatár-tó HE.
  • On the Magyarszecsőd gravel lake, 600 kg of mixed bream (with the partial support of Körmendi Munkás HPP) and 120 two-summer perch were planted.
  • On the Hársas Lake in Máriaújfalu there is also 600 kg of bream (with the partial support of Szentgotthárd HE.) And approx. 120 two-perch perch found a new home.

In line with previous reports, it is again noted that a few% mortality is a natural phenomenon after the bream has been harvested and sorted and then transported over long distances. We ask our anglers to show restraint when fishing for native bream species and perch, and to draw the attention of their fellow fishermen to this, so that the hard-to-obtain specimens of bream and perch can also have the opportunity for natural reproduction in the spring.

Depending on the procurement opportunities, our Association will continue its predator and bream establishment program during November, which is also partially supported by the MOHOSZ Herd Replacement and Development Target Appropriation.

Thank you for the help of the participants in the placement of the fish!

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