Maintenance of waterfront equipment has begun

2021.09.09. Share

In addition to regular and continuous fish guarding, fish farming and other fish farming activities, our fishermen and their volunteers started the maintenance of the equipment established on the shores of the fishing waters under our management.

Maintenance of waterfront equipment has begun

A TOP-1.2.1-15-VS1-2016-00001. The maintenance of the outdoor elements developed in 2017-2018 with the support of tender no.
In the course of this, the elements are inspected after a condition assessment, their joints are replaced, retracted and supplemented, and after sanding and dedusting, they are painted with a good quality glaze.

For the "warm-up", our fishermen and their volunteer helpers renewed the following equipment near the Iron Cross Fishing Tourism Center and the Iron Cross Pinka Backwater, as well as Lake Mersevát, Lake Pinkamindszenti and Lake Gencsapáti, as well as Lake Püspökmolnár. renovation and painting of outdoor elements around Lake Csepregi and Lake Sáríz in Gersekarát, which require a larger number of people due to their size.

We ask T. Visitors and Anglers to bear the patience of the renovation work that our colleagues try to carry out on weekdays, and to take care of the renovated equipment in order to serve the needs of those who want to relax on the waterfront as much as possible! In addition, we would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that the fire pits and bacon fryers set up on the waterfront were not located for waste storage!

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