List of Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon Molnári Cup starters

2021.06.10. Share

Although the weekend round in Gersekarát has not yet taken place, we are already predicting that the Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon Molnár Cup will be held on Püspökmolnári Lake on Sunday, June 20, 2021, according to the original plans, for those who start in the hobby category!

List of Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon Molnári Cup starters

The number of entries has already been filled in here, so we cannot accept new entries.
Entrants are kindly requested to inform us by e-mail or by phone at +36 70 3399 no later than 10:00 on June 16, 2021, if they do not wish / can participate in the competition. 709!
In this case, we will notify the next denominator of the reserve applicants in chronological order.

The following entries were submitted for the competition in the youth and adult age groups:

  1. Gábor Bálint Körmendi Workers' Fishing Association
  2. Jenő Barki Spartacus Fishing Association
  3. Csaba Bertók Vasvári Petőfi Fishing Association
  4. Pepper Ivett Spartacus Anglers Association
  5. Imre Fekete Alsószölnöki Sport and Tourism Association
  6. Imréné Fekete Electricians Sporting Association
  7. István Fördős Spartacus Fishing Association
  8. István Göncz Two-Lake Lake Kerkafalva Fishermen's Association
  9. József Hegedüs Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association
  10. Imre Horváth Spartacus Fishing Association
  11. Jánny Benjamin Electricians Sport Fishing Association
  12. Attila Kádi Répcelak City Miner Fisherman 's Association
  13. Ferenc Kisőrsi Vas County Savaria Sport Fishing Association
  14. Kiss Szabolcs Imre Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association
  15. Koltai Máté Márk Kéthatár-Tó Kerkafalva Fishermen's Association
  16. Ferenc Nagy Kéthatár-Tó Kerkafalva Fishing Association
  17. Gábor Németh Ölbői Horgásztó Sport Fishing Association
  18. Tibor Pajor Imre Ölbői Horgásztó Sport Fishing Association
  19. Ferenc Pajtli Spartacus Fishing Association
  20. István Pajtli Spartacus Fishing Association
  21. Spartacus Fishing Association
  22. Szabolcs Pajtli Spartacus Fishing Association
  23. Tibor Pajtli Spartacus Fishing Association
  24. Prisznyák Róbert Csepreg Répcementi Horgász Egyesület
  25. Sánta Dávid Körmendi Workers Fisherman 's Association
  26. Tamás Sánta Körmendi Workers Anglers Association
  27. Andrea Körmendi Worker Fisherman 's Association
  28. Attila Tóth Körmendi Workers Anglers Association
  29. Attila Varga Alsószölnöki Sport and Tourism Association
  30. István Varga Körmendi Workers Anglers Association

The following anglers are registered as reserve applicants:

  1. Bors Sándor Spartacus - Fishing Association
  2. Rebecca Szabados - Spartacus Fishing Association
  3. Tamás Farkas - Other association
  4. Patrik Giczi - Spartacus Fishing Association
  5. Zsolt Nagy - Rábapaty and Region Fishermen 's Association

It is possible to submit a reserve entry for our other full tournaments by clicking here.

The competition notice can be viewed here:

During the competition, a fishing ban will be imposed on the lake as follows:

On June 20, 2021 (Sunday) from 06.30 to 15.30 on Lake Püspökmolnári, due to the Vasi Vizeken-Decathlon Molnári Cup fishing competition, there will be a general ban for anglers not entered in the competition.

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