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After a long winter break, on Sunday, April 3, 2022, the Vas County competition season will begin with the TackleBait Method Feeder Cup in Vas Waters - Garbolino - organized by the Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations.


Several clauses specifically designed to protect fish have been formulated in accordance with the requirements of national competition regulations, which we would like to require at our county events as well.

In feeder races, up to 1 single hook has been used on the rig so far, but an important change is that the hook must now be beardless. Not only is the factory hook accepted, but it can also be pegged with a properly depressed beard hook, but this must be appropriate at the discretion of the Organizing Committee during the pre- and inter-competition inspections.

In the competitions at Lake Abért, we want to pay special attention to the integrity of the large fish in the lake, so in the competitions held here, all competitors will be obliged to place 2 fish bags in the water at the beginning of the competition. No more than 20 kg of fish will be stored in a fish tank. If the competitor's catch reaches 20 kg, he must also use a second fish carrier. If the quantity of fish in a bag exceeds the required maximum of 20 kg, catches above the specified limit shall be considered invalid.

A valid group collection permit for the competition and any training prior to it - from Wednesday to Sunday - will be sent to the e-mail addresses provided and downloaded at the end of this article, among the attached documents.
The drive is only valid for the use of the roads behind the embankment. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to drive on the embankment! The permit must be placed in a conspicuous place behind the windshield during training and competition.

If you did not provide the registration number of your car during the registration or in the meantime the registration number has changed, please let us know at the e-mail address toth.milan@vasivizeken.hu!

The Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Association considers the following entry list to be final:

1. József Balogh Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association

2. Péter Bokor Other association

3. Adrián Böröndy Kinizsi Sport Fishing Association of Sárvár

4. Böröndy Milan Szajki Lakes Golden Carp Fisherman's Association

5. Attila Csécsényi Electricians Sport Fishing Association

6. Dienes Martin Jenő Körmendi Workers Fishing Association

7. Félix Amina Other association

8. Florian Hasler Other association

9. Krisztián Fordán Other association

10. Gábor Francsics Other association

11. Tibor Geröly Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association

12. Gábor Hajba Electricians Sport Fishing Association

13. Balázs Horváth Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association

14. Gábor Horváth Alsószölnöki Sport and Tourism Association

15. László Horváth Alsószölnöki Sport and Tourism Association

16. Iszak Barnabás Alsószölnöki Sport and Tourism Association

17. Kovács Ádám Electricians Sport Fishing Association

18. Péter Kozsán Border Guard Sport Fishing Association Körmend

19. Krisztián Smalkovics Other association

20. Kulcsár Péter Szentgotthárd Fishermen's Association

21. József Kurucz Other association

22. Sándor Kurusta Other association

23. Kurusta Viktor Other association

24. Tamás Laczi Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association

25. József Lendvai Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association

Gszely Lisztes Other association

26. Michael Schneider Lower Lower Sports and Tourism Association

27. Balazs Németh Electricians Sport Fishing Association

28. Bálint Németh Ölbői Horgásztó Sport Fishing Association

29. Gábor Németh Ölbői Horgásztó Sport Fishing Association

31. Tibor Pajor Gersekarát Sárvíz Lake Fishermen's Association

32. Tamás Rozmann Ölbői Horgásztó Sport Fishing Association

33. Tamás Sánta Körmendi Worker Fishing Association

34. Dániel Szabó Electricians Sport Fishing Association

35. László Szigeti Alsószölnöki Sport and Tourism Association

36. Zoltán Tátrai Kőszeg Sport Fishing Association

37. Gábor Termecki Other association

38. Tolnai Bálint Ölbői Horgásztó Sport Fishing Association

39. Gábor Tordai Electricians Sport Fishing Association

40. Zoltán Török Electricians Sport Fishing Association

41. Varga Dániel Other association

42. Végh Róbert János Other association

In case you do not want / can participate in the competition, please let us know at the e-mail address toth.milan@vasivizeken.hu or by phone at +36 70 3399 709!

You can view our competition announcements by clicking here.

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