From 2022 onwards, local rules and prices in iron waters will change

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The Vas County Association of the Sport Fishing Association discussed the changes in the local fishing regime and next year's ticket prices at the autumn board meeting. This year, the board has not been in an easy position with regard to prices, as the experience of fisheries management in 2021 poses significant challenges to the entire fisheries sector nationally and locally.

From 2022 onwards, local rules and prices in iron waters will change

One of the priority tasks of the Association is the establishment of fish in the fishing waters of the pecs, which change the vat area ticket, and the maintenance of the waterfront environment. A significant problem in the fisheries sector is that the increase in feed prices is around 40-45 percent on average (eg: Feed wheat / 2020/2021 week 36: HUF 53,102 / t -> HUF 76,799 / t + 44.63%; maize / 2020/2021 36. week HUF 45,668 / t -> HUF 72,818 / t + 55.44%) this year, while feeding accounts for 40-42 percent of fish production costs. Transport and human resource costs also rose by an average of 10-15% in the fisheries sector this year and next year similar trends are expected. The transport, feeding and preservation of fish also involves significant fuel consumption, and fuel prices have also risen significantly over the past year. Overall, the increase in fish prices this year and next is unfortunately expected to reach around 40-50% of 2020 prices. Furthermore, pond fish production may have had a terrible year, as the cold, low-rainfall spring and the prolonged summer drought have reduced production capacities, making fish shortages more difficult, which also has a price-boosting effect on the market.

The Vas County Fishermen's Association spends 60-70 million forints a year to fish fishing waters. Thus, due to the external factors described above, significantly min. These expenses will increase by a total of HUF 20-25 million if we want to keep the current installation numbers at the same level. The most important consideration when setting ticket prices was that we could continue to meet the deferral plan numbers raised in recent years. Serving your fishing needs at current or better standards is paramount for us, even if it involves a 12-19% area ticket price increase next year depending on the type of ticket. We would be happy if we didn’t have to raise the price of tickets, but that has now become inevitable. Based on the amount of fish that can be kept with our regional tickets in 2022 and the number of waters that can be fished, our ticket prices will remain one of the most favorable in the regional and national comparison, even after the increase. The price of our most popular ticket varies from HUF 43,500 to HUF 51,500 for the annual adult county permit in Vas County, while the price of the “3 lakes + rivers ticket” changes from HUF 38,500 to HUF 45,000. ( Next year's ticket prices can be downloaded here ) We hope that in addition to our tidy and constantly developing waterfronts and our fishing waters, which offer better and better catching opportunities, our fellow fishermen will continue to support the iron waters with their ticket exchange.

Our daily and annual area tickets issued to children do not increase in accordance with national guidelines. Furthermore, a significant positive change is that the Boards of the Association have approved that the obligation to pay the community work fee previously required after the purchase of the annual “1” area tickets will be abolished as of January 1, 2022, and the prices of the new raised area tickets this fee is already included. This fee usually ranged from HUF 2,000 to HUF 4,000 per year, depending on the United. From January 1, 2022, our member organizations may not collect any other contributions or fees (eg: waterfront maintenance, redemption of social work, development contribution, etc.) in connection with the sale of federal territorial tickets in addition to the membership fee and new entry deferral support. In addition to the regional tickets, anglers will have to pay the state fishing ticket and the MOHOSZ Unified Federal contribution (HUF 3,000) as well as the association membership fee when renewing their complete fishing license.

It is important to draw attention to the fact that the Association will hold the traditional annual area ticket promotion again until 31 January 2022, who can redeem their new fishing ticket with a HUF 2,500 discount in January. Area tickets valid for 2022 can still be purchased with a SZÉP Card at the Association's Iron Cross Fishing Tourism Center or online. We are pleased to inform the pecs that the Government has extended the passage between the individual sub-accounts of the Szép Card, so that by September 30, 2022, the 2022 area permit will be payable from any pocket of the card (accommodation, catering, leisure). The county’s full area ticket will continue to be available in two installments to help our fellow fishermen in a more difficult financial position.

With regard to the fishing regime, which will come into force on 1 January, only minor clarifications will be made, such as the fact that the use of 3 baits with hooks will be allowed on the lure factory. Next year, Lake Celldömölk Park will be used for fishing, and it will be possible to visit the iron ponds with rules similar to other “catch and release” sport fishing lakes. Detailed ticket prices and changes in fishing policy can also be found in the appendix to this article.

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