Extraordinary information to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

2020.03.16. Share

The health of the fishing associates and their colleagues and agents is of paramount importance to the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations. To prevent further spread of the coronavirus and to address the situation, we announce the following measures from March 17:

• the possibility of personal administration (eg ticket exchange, advice, etc.) at the Federation's Iron Cross Customer Service Office is suspended indefinitely. We are still at your disposal via telephone (+ 3694-506-835; +36703399703) and online customer reception (E-mail: info@vasivizeken.hu ). Colleagues have the following on-call arrangements at the contact details given above:

o Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

o Friday: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm

o Saturday-Sunday: no customer support

Alliance staff members are available on emergency cell phones beyond their previous customer service hours in exceptional cases.

• This is the only way we handle the administration of the fishing license at the Sárvíz Lake HPP operating in the office. for:

o You must apply for a fishing ticket by telephone or email at the official contact details of the Association. It is advisable to use the ticket application form available here >>>

o The Hungarian Fishing Card registration is obligatory, if you do not have an angler registration, you must apply online in advance. (For more details, visit https://horgaszatk.hu/online)

o The license price confirmed by our agent should be transferred to the union bank account number 72100440-10061422.

o Upon receipt of the reference, the completed state fishing document and area ticket will be mailed as a registered letter to the address provided by the fishing associate. (We expect to meet these requests within 7 days of your ticket request.)

The state fishing exams will be suspended until 15.04.2020 , therefore the previously announced fishing exams in Szombathely, Ölbő and Sopron will also be canceled. Without a fishing exam, a 3-month tourist ticket for one rod fishing is valid online ( https://horgaszjegy.hu/tourist-hu ) and is also available online for a $ 2500 tourist iron daily ticket ( https: //nyito.hooking) .com / waters / 209 / sport-fishing-associations-vas-county-sovezeg-waters- ) are recommended for those fishing candidates who are unable to take the exam but wish to fish on the shores of the Iron Waters.

The issue of the unsuccessfully delivered Hungarian Fishing Cards was suspended indefinitely.

• The deadline for submitting Task I for the Vassi Waters Elementary School Fishing Contest has been extended from March 20, 2020 to April 17, 2020.

All fishermen are required to present the licenses and documents requested without transferring the documents to the fishing guards . Fellow fishermen and fishing guards should avoid the usual forms of greeting, including shaking hands.

Anglers at each other on the waterfront min. They are 5 meters away. If your fishing companion is not in good health, DO NOT jeopardize your health on the water. Please, if you have a disease, stay at home and relax your illness!

All fishing competitions, general meetings, and other programs for fishing associations within the Federation's organization system shall be deferred for an indefinite period commencing before 15.04.2014.

We count on their understanding, take care of each other's health!

Thanks for your cooperation, Best regards,

Puskás Norbert sk. Executive Chairman / Seregi Miklós sk. chairman


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