Last Wednesday afternoon, nearly 6 tons of three-carp carp arrived in the iron waters

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The Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations continued its summer carp plantations last Wednesday. Thanks to the unbroken trust of anglers and the dynamically increasing ticket changes, nearly 3,000 carp between 1.5-2.5 kg have once again arrived at the most popular iron fishing lakes, so that as many people as possible can have a summer holiday rich in fishing experiences.

Last Wednesday afternoon, nearly 6 tons of three-carp carp arrived in the iron waters

We consider it important to point out that by the end of June, a record amount of carp - 59,204 kg - had already been introduced into the iron waters, much to the delight of anglers. - we learned from József Mesterházy, the leader of the Association's fisheries management group. In accordance with preliminary plans, a total of 5,850 kg of catchable carp were deployed in the following iron waters on Wednesday:

  • Vasvár lakes 400 kg
  • Lake Püspökmolnár 500 kg
  • New Perint No. 1 lake 600 kg
  • Szombathely Boating Lake 600 kg
  • Szombathely Fishing Lake 400 kg
  • Lake Gencsapáti-Perenyei 350 kg
  • Lake Gersekarati 1000 kg
  • Lake Magyarszecsődi 600 kg
  • Lake Hársas 600 kg
  • Hunting lake 400 kg
  • Lake Kerkafalvi 400 kg

For trouble-free and adventurous fishing, no ban has been imposed even after the current installation. The customer service / fishing ticket sales order of the member associations of the Vas County Association of Sport Angling Associations is available here during the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus as an emergency , which we recommend for the attention of anglers intending to exchange fishing tickets. For those who have a state fishing ticket, regional fishing tickets can be purchased online at , if possible, choose this solution instead of exchanging tickets in person! At the beginning of July, the presidency of the Association again supported the possibility of exchanging a six-year adult (HUF 26,000) and youth (HUF 13,000) territorial permit for iron waters in the associations from 1 August 2020 at a special price.

Let's take care of each other!

Switch your fishing ticket to the iron waters so that we can have fun with fish-rich waters in the future!

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