At night, the new thermal camera, acquired with the support of MOHOSZ

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The professional fishermen of our association "scoured" Wednesday night last week for visiting and less frequented fishing waters in the county to gain experience and control over the ever-dusk.

At night, the new thermal camera, acquired with the support of MOHOSZ

Our association's fishing regime allows night fishing in most waters, but it has its own rules. The control was greatly facilitated by the new high-performance thermal camera required by MOHOSZ for central fishmonger procurement and handed over to our Association, which shows a glaring image of a angler fishing in the vegetation from up to 400 m away.

Anglers on the Gersekaráti Mud Lake, approx. 100 meters away

The device, which is also suitable for capturing images and video, makes the work of our fishermen much easier, thanks to the constantly evolving technology, for example. those on the Gersekarát Sárvíz Lake can be seen clearly from the fishing grounds, or on the Magyarszecsődi Lake from the far bank a full control of a spinning angler can be traced.

Packing anglers on the Magyarszecsőd lake, approx. 250 meters

During the inspection, no glaring irregularities were experienced by our fishermen, and two warnings were made due to the mandatory lighting of the fishing ground. The usability of the devices is well illustrated by the following thermal imaging images recorded at different magnifications between 20 and 22 hours below.

Inspection of a floundering angler on Lake Magyarszecsőd, approx. 250 meters

Inspection on the other side of Lake Püspökmolnár

View of the Ikervár canal from the Ikervár-Sótony bridge

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