8400 kg of beautiful carp arrived in the Vas waters for the festive weekend

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The Iron County Federation of Sport Fishing Associations started the spring stocking of the fishing waters of the county on Tuesday, March 10-11, 2020. Disposal will continue this year, due to the availability of fish of different species and ages. During the first spring installation, besides the standing waters, carp of a similar size arrived in the twin sections of the Rába River, among the wild waters.

8400 kg of beautiful carp arrived in the Vas waters for the festive weekend

During the season-starting haul, 8400 kg of 1.5 to 2.5 kg three-carp were caught in Federal waters. The fish arrived at their new home from Tógazda Zrt's Zalaszentgrót site. With the exception of the Kerka backwater of Kerkaszentkirály, after the fish restocking, no general fishing ban has been imposed in any of the waters, so that in spring weather everyone will be able to devote their passion to it . Following the installation, a general fishing ban has been imposed on the Kerka backwater of Kerkaszentkirály until 6 am (Saturday), March 14, 2020. The split was implemented as follows:

The planned installation of 350 kg of carp in Lake Nagypirit was delayed because the fish transporting vehicle could not drive into the waterlogged area, so this water area will be later demolished. Of the 350 kg of carp ordered but released for these reasons, the two nearby ponds (Merseva, Celldömölk) received 175-175 kg of additional fish. Next week on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the three summer carp depots from Nagyatád will continue, when 800 kg will be added to Lake Hársas, 800 kg to Magyarszecsőd gravel mine and 500 kg to Vadás Lake. On the same day, even the 1st summer (8-10 cm) sturgeon , which is considered to be a shortage in the fish farmers' market, arrives in Lake Hársas and in Vadás Lake with 250-250 kg . About 400-450 of the perennials (15-20 cm) will be planted on Tuesday at this year's "Pisces of the Year" , 100 of which will be placed in the Vadása Lake, which was renewed last year, while the remaining 300-350 will be placed on the Rába River. It will be installed in several locations between Szentgotthárd and Körmend.

This year, the leadership of the Alliance is working to bring more bream and juvenile predators into the waters of the Vas, with an increasing number of carp outings each year. Of course, this also requires the existence of producer supply, which still represents a bottleneck in the sector. The Association has signed cultivation contracts for 2000 yearling perch with one of the largest producers in the country in order to strengthen the predatory fish stocks in the Iron Waters, and hopefully this November will ensure the placement of juvenile perch in more of our fishing waters. The spring installation of the Gersekarát Sárvíz Lake will be possible after the completion of the water works on the dam of the lake, which is expected by the end of March, beginning of April.

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