550 kg of carp were planted on Thursday

2021.09.30. Share

Together with today's installation, 58 tons of carp have been released into the iron so far this year, which can be considered a particularly great result this year due to the shortage of fish on the fish market. Furthermore, procurement difficulties also resulted in a significant increase in carp prices, which was not in line with the low level of ticket prices this year.

550 kg of carp were planted on Thursday

The 550 kg of carp now landed have been placed in fishing waters managed by the following association:

  • Lake Gencsapáti 300 kg
  • Lake Csepregi 250 kg

As the planned carp placements have largely been fulfilled, our Association intends to carry out carp plantations only in smaller quantities or with the support of a local association.

We want to use the available financial resources this year mainly for the increasingly difficult to obtain autumn bream and predator plantations.
As usual, after the fish plantations, a general ban on fishing was not imposed in any of the waters, so everyone can confidently indulge their passion.

The presidency of the Association once again supported that from August 1, 2021, it is possible to exchange a six-year adult (HUF 27,500) and youth (HUF 14,000) territorial permit for iron waters at a SPECIAL PRICE in the associations.

Further information can be requested at the Iron Cross Customer Service Office of the Association, where the possibility of personal administration (eg: ticket exchange, counseling, etc.) is provided by prior appointment (+ 3694-506-835; +36703399703; E-mail: info@vasivizeken.hu). Colleagues will continue to be available to anglers on the following contact details:
[🕑] Monday: 8:15 to 15:30;
[🕑] Tuesday: 8:15 to 15:30;
[🕑] Wednesday: 8:15 - 15:30;
[🕑] Thursday: 8:15 to 15:30;
[🕑] Friday: 8:15 to 14:30

You can even order your permit for a house, which you can do by clicking here.

Switch your fishing ticket to the iron waters so that we can have fun with fish-rich waters in the future!

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