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3100 kg of carp arrived in our waters

2022.07.20. Share

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the following quantities of fish will arrive in federal waters from Tógazda Zrt.'s site in Cserő:

3100 kg of carp arrived in our waters
✅Szentgotthárd Hársas-tó 500 kg
🐟 Rába Körmend section 150 kg
✅Rába junior section 300 kg
🐟The Nicki section of the Rába river is 300 kg
✅Lake Merseváti 300 kg
🐟Celldömölki lake 300 kg
✅Kerkaszentkirályi Kerka backwater 250 kg
🐟Kerkafalva Kéthatár-tó 300 kg
✅Hunting lake 350 kg
🐟 Rába Ikervár artificial canal section 350 kg

Depending on the fisheries, additional carp plantings will take place in August.

After the fishing, a general fishing ban was not imposed in any water area, so that everyone could indulge their passion as soon as possible. Of course, if the purchasing possibilities and available financial resources make it possible, our Association - in accordance with the fish management plan of the rivers - plans to purchase and plant other native fish species in the autumn.
Due to the national shortage of fish and rising prices, we ask everyone to pay particular attention to complying with the size and daily quantity restrictions of fish. Our fishing guards will check the individual weight of the fish kept and recorded in the catch log. In order to comply with the annual quantitative quotas, the fishing guards will sanction a significant difference (greater than 0.5 kg) between the weight recorded in the catch log and the actual individual weight, so enter as precisely as possible what you want to keep!
📣 The Presidency of the Association once again supported that from August 1, 2022, it is possible to exchange a six-month adult (HUF 34,000) and youth (HUF 17,000) area permit for the Vasu waters at a DISCOUNT PRICE.
Renew your iron fishing ticket for the summer season as soon as possible!

We wish you successful fishing in federal waters!

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