2135 kg of carp arrived on Tuesday

2022.05.03. Share

Together with these shipments of fish, 30 tons of carp have already been deployed in the iron waters this year. Following the introduction of fish, a general ban on fishing has not been imposed in any of the waters so that everyone can indulge their passion as soon as possible.

2135 kg of carp arrived on Tuesday

As promised, we will continue to stock carp in May, depending on the fisheries, so today, thanks to a successful fishery, 2135 kg of three summer carp arrived in the following waters managed by our Association:

  • Gersekarát Sárvíz Lake - 530 kg
  • Lake Magyarszecsődi - 531 kg
  • New Perint Lake No. 1 - 528 kg
  • Szombathely Boating Lake - 546 kg

Please note that there is no specific closed season for carp in the stagnant waters managed by the Association, except in the following two waters:

  • Hársas tó - Máriaujfalu- Szentgotthárd
  • Vadása lake and its reservoir - Hegyhátszentjakab
  • The carp ban is valid everywhere in the river waters (eg Rába river, Pinka stream ... etc.) From May 2 to May 31.

It is important to emphasize again that due to the unprecedented fish shortage for decades, the net spring price of three-summer carp has already risen to HUF 1,200 / kg and, of course, all other fish will rise by a similar amount during the year, so it is especially important to watch and protect fish stocks in iron waters.
Due to the above, we ask everyone to pay special attention to the size and daily quantitative limits of the fish. Our fishing guards will also give priority to checking the individual weight of the fish retained and recorded in the logbook. In order to comply with the annual quantitative quotas, significant discrepancies (greater than 0.5 kg) between the logbook entries and the actual individual weight will be penalized and therefore recorded as accurately as possible by the fish to be retained.

We wish you successful fishing in federal waters!
Renew your iron fishing ticket for the spring season as soon as possible.

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