10,000 pre-bred Bali arrived in the Rába River

2020.05.21. Share

On Wednesday, a pre-grown Bali shipment started from the lake unit of Balatoni Halgazdálkodási Nonprofit Zrt. Near Öreglak to three county fishing associations. The 10,000 units provided to the Vas County Association took place in Sárvár. We would like to thank the excellent fish of Balaton Halgazdálkodási Nonprofit Zrt.

10,000 pre-bred Bali arrived in the Rába River
The 3-4 cm fish arrived in a foil bag, secured with oxygen, and then, with the help of our fishmongers, they found a new home on the section of the Rába River between Sárvár and Magyarlak. The plantations took place in the calmer parts of the Rába, overgrown with aquatic vegetation, so the installed small Balinese quickly found their hiding place in the river.
We consider the popular target fish of spinning and fly fishing to be a predator, even though it does not have real teeth, it “grinds” its prey, which is most often a small bream, but mainly struggles, with its throat teeth.
We ask our T. Fellow Fishermen to be very careful in their fishing, as the fry and juvenile Balin can easily be confused with the scallop and the chub, but the former is distinguished by its mouth reaching under the eyes, the latter by its smaller scales and concave tail float!

Watch out for the valuable fish stocks in our natural waters!
If anyone is unsure of the definition of the species caught, please gently release the fish caught. We warmly welcome the new inhabitants of the iron waters ... Let's take care of each other and the young Balinese!

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