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10,200 kg of wonderful carp and approx. 1,700 perch were released into federal waters

After the planting of perch, bream, bream and carp in January-February, today's fish shipments successfully reached their destination in accordance with the plans in almost all standing waters managed by the Association, as well as in several sections of the Rába River. 🥳 The amount of fish planted was planted in the Vasi waters from the lake unit of Tógazda Zrt. in Mikén on March 8, 2024. 📍 ⬇️ The market carp was caught in the following fishing waters: 🏖 Sárvíz lake in Gersekarát: 800 kg 🏖 Magyarszecsőd lake: 800 kg 🏖 Püspökmolnári lake: 600 kg 🏖 Újperint mining lake: 700 kg 🏖 Boating lake in Szombathely: 800 kg 🏖 Fishing lake in Szombathely: 500 kg 🏖 Kerkafalva Kéthatár lake: 400 kg 🏖 Kerka lake in Kerkaszentkirály: 300 kg 🏖 Vadása lake: 400 kg 🏖 Hársas lake in Máriaújfalu: 800 kg 🏖 Vasvár lakes: 500 kg 🏖 Gencsapáti lake: 400 kg 🏖 Csepregi lake: 300 kg 🏖 Lake Rábasömjén: 300 kg 🏖 Mining lake Csánigi: 600 kg 🏖 Lake Merseváti: 500 kg 🏖 Lake Celldömölki Brick Factory and Park: 500 kg 🏖 Dammed section of Rába Ikervár: 500 kg 🏖 Rába Ikervár artificial channel: 500 kg After the planned installation, again no a ban was ordered, so our fishers can indulge their passion even on the weekend after the installation. 🆓 ⚠️ Based on the experience of last year's fish watch, we would like to draw the attention of fellow T. anglers to the lower (min. 30 cm) and upper (max. 50 cm) size restrictions contained in the legislation and the fishing regulations, as well as the weekly (6 noble fish) and daily ( 2 carp) to comply with the piece limit, which regulations differ from the National Fishing Regulations! 👈 ‼️ In addition, thanks to today's successful fishing, finally 430 kg I-II. summer perch (20-80 dkg) were also planted, but most of them currently do not reach the size that can be kept, and are also protected by a national prohibition period, so we ask our anglers to spare the newly planted spiny-backs, not to fish specifically for perch, and in case of an accidental catch, release it from the hook as gently as possible and immediately release it back into the water! 🚷 Attention! According to the national fishing regulations, it is unethical and forbidden to fish specifically for protected and spawning fish species, as well as undersized individuals of fish species protected by size restrictions, during the specific prohibition period. If fish that are undersized or subject to a specific ban are repeatedly caught at the given fishing spot, the fishing method and, if necessary, the fishing spot must be changed in order to protect the fish stock. 400 pcs) 🏝 Máriaújfalui Hársas lake: 100 kg (approx. 400 pcs) 🏝 Kerkafalva Kéthatár lake: 50 kg (approx. 200 pcs) 🏝 Kerkaszentkirály lake: 30 kg (approx. 100 pcs) 🏝 Vadása lake: 50 kg (approx. 200 pieces) 🏝 Rába River (Körmend-Szentgotthárd): 100 kg (approx. 400 pieces)

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