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Planting 1240 kg of carp for the holiday weekend with MOHOSZ support

ÁPFE-V/4/2023 by the Hungarian National Fishing Association. code number "Introduction and reintroduction of standard and preferred native fish species", the following amount of market carp arrived in the waters of our Association on Tuesday, October 17, 2023: - Sárvíz lake in Gersekarát: 310 kg - Gravel mine lake in Magyarszecsőd: 310 kg - Máriaújfalui Hársas lake: 310 kg - Szombathelyi Csónakázó lake: 310 kg The installation took place from the Tógazda Zrt. site in Csertő, which is expected to produce 1,500 kg of extra-sized carp, a significant amount of bream around 55-60 máza, and 600-700 kg of perch installation follows, which is also partially supported by MOHOSZ. This year, the stocking of carp on the market is over 55 tons, and a significant amount of other fish has also entered the waters of the iron, the plantings carried out until the end of September can be found here in detail.

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