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Vasi Police Leisure and Sports Association - Dwarf Catfish CUP 2024.

Dwarf Catfish Catcher Cup was organized on Lake Abért II in Lukácsháza 🎣 On June 29, 2024, the already traditional Dwarf Catfish Catcher Cup was held on the larger lake under the main organization of Imre Gerencsér. 👍 2️⃣2️⃣ two-person teams submitted their entries for the friendly competition by the registration deadline. As in previous years, the competition took place in an excellent atmosphere, in excellent weather and in a familiar atmosphere. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 In support of the latter, the organizers treated the participants with greasy bread. 😄 The main reason for organizing the event was, of course, to reduce the existing stock of dwarf catfish in the lake. ⚔️ Which can be said to be absolutely successful, since the water became "shorter" with almost 35 kilos of dwarf catfish. 💪 🏆Although the competition was not the main goal, it is still a competition somewhere, so results were announced both between teams and individually, as well as in the women's and youth categories: ▪️ Team competition: 1. VRSSE-Team. - Gerencsér - Simon 4800 gr. 2. Körmend-Team. - Sipos - Nagy Hevesi - 4680 gr. 3. Farkas-Team - Farkas I.-Farkas M. - 3520 gr. ▪️ Individual competition: 🧔‍♂️ Adult: 1. Balázs Nagy Hevesi (Körmend) - 2920 gr. 2. Imre Gerencsér (VRSSE) - 2840 gr. 3. Simon Károly (VRSSE) - 1960 gr. 👉 The participants were also able to witness a very nice gesture, as Imre Gerencsér was also an organizer, so in the end he did not award himself, for this reason the announced final order was the following among adults individually: 1. Balázs Nagy Hevesi (Körmend) - 2920 gr. 2. Károly Simon (VRSSE) - 1960 gr. 3. Gábor Bálint (Körmend) - 1860 gr. 👩‍🦰 Female: 1. Cintia Koronczai -1880 gr. 2. Andrea Sántáné Tóth - 940 gr. 3. Andrea Simon - 720 gr. 🧑‍🦱Youth: 1. Máté Farkas - 2040 gr. 2. Máté Zalán -1280 gr. 3. Dávid Bálint - 880 gr. The winners received diplomas, feed, baits, floats and shopping coupons as prizes. 🎁 The winning team can own the traveling cup created for this purpose for 1 year. 🏵 The prizes are awarded by Zoltán Horváth VRSSE. handed over by the president. 🤝 The event was supported by the Vas Vár County Association of Sports Fishing Associations, the Vasi Rendőr Szabadidá SE, the Gold Fisch fishing shop Sárvár, Spartacus HE. helped him. 🤗 Another thanks to the Gerencsér Team and their helpers for organizing the excellent gnome catching cup! 👏

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