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There was a Children's Day fishing competition on Rábasömjén lake

2024. The Rábapaty és Vidéke HE was held on May 12. children's day fishing competition on the Rábasömjén lake, where 6 seniors, 8 juniors and 6 youngsters eagerly awaited the start of the competition. The final result was as follows: - Lower age group: 1st place Benett Kovács 6000 g 2nd place Máté Mészáros 720 g 3rd place Mátyás Eredics 660 g - Upper age group: 1st place Barnabás Molnár 400 g 2nd place Adrián Smolczer 120 g 3 .place Horváth Benett 80 g Ovis age group: 1st place Mia Dugovics 1380 g 2nd place Leó Takács 360 g 3rd place Emília Bihun 140 g The podium finishers were enriched by MOHOSZ with prizes in addition to the experiences they had together, All members of the Ovis group he also received a fish commemorative plaque to commemorate their first competition. Thanks to several of our fellow fishermen, however, the others did not leave empty-handed either. Apart from the podium finishers, everyone received a package containing a tip stick and equipment.

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