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Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino-TackleBait Kéthattar Lake Cup 2024.

Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino-TackleBait This year's competition series started with Kéthatár-tó Cup. On Wednesday, May 1, 2024, according to tradition, our 2024 Vasi Vizeken Best Sport Angler competition series started in Kerkafala in Zala County, the first round of which is the Vasi Vizeken-Garbolino-TackleBait It was the Two-Hatar Lake Cup. In the hobby adult category, the podium winners were among the first in the three sectors. In the end, the "E" sector proved to be the strongest, as the winner of the category came out from here, who was Ferenc Nagy (Kéthátar-tó Kerkafalva HE.) with 16,900 grams. Second place was Zoltán Koppány Kovács (Ölbői Horgász-tó SHE.) with a catch of 1620 grams, third place was Péter Csipszer (Ölbői Horgász-tó SHE.) with a total weight of 640 grams. In the competition category, Kádi Szabolcs (Elektromosok SHE.) performed best on this day, weighing 8,780 grams and pocketing the trophy. Bálint Varga (Elektromosok SHE.) took the silver medal with his performance of 4980 grams. The bronze medal - with second place in the sector - went to Gábor Hajba (Elektromosok SHE.) as a result of his catch of 4520 grams. The boys proved to be very persistent throughout the day. Zsolt Bálint (Körmendi Munkás HE.) managed to get the most fish into the mouth, a total of 1760 grams. He was followed in line by Áron Hajós (Körmendi Munkás HE.) with 1440 grams, while Dávid Bálint (Körmendi Munkás HE.) could take the third place on the imaginary podium with a catch of 320 grams. At the end of the competition, the HE management of Kerkafalv Kéthatár-tó treated all participants and their family members with a bowl of delicious stew, for which we thank them! At the announcement of the results, the first three places in each category were awarded, as well as a special prize was awarded to the best female competitor Andrea Sántáné Tóth (Körmendi Munkás HE.). In addition to cups and medals, the best ones could return home with valuable gift vouchers courtesy of the Garbolino-Tacklebait fishing store - as the main sponsor of the competition series.

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