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1505 kg of pike found a new home in the County of Vas - 13.02.2024

The planned placement of pike in the water areas of the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations has been realized. After last week's stocking of 102 climbing carp and 430 kg of perch, together with the 1505 kg of pike that arrived yesterday, a record amount of 2330 kg of student predators has entered our waters so far this year. plays a role. The pike were transported from the Fejér county site of individual entrepreneur Gábor Killer, accompanied by our professional fish guards, to the following waters of the county: Magyarszecsődi Lake: 150 kg Újperint Mining Lake: 100 kg Szombathely Boating Lake: 100 kg Szombathely Fishing Lake: 100 kg Vadása Lake+reservoir: 105 kg Máriaújfalui Hársas lake: 150 kg Vasvári lakes: 100 kg Gencsapáti lake: 50 kg Csepregi lake: 50 kg Rábasömjén lake: 100 kg Csánig mining lake: 100 kg Mersevát lake: 100 kg Celldömölki brick factory and park lake: 100 kg Rába river Iron county section: 200 kg

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