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1000 kg of bream were planted in the entire Pinka section - 21.02.2024

Our association continuously strives to plant species-rich fishing waters in its management, even though, based on our available data, the vast majority of our fishermen clearly prefer carp fishing. In addition to the planting regulations contained in the fish management plan, in order to maintain diversity, it is also necessary to plant whitefish and predatory species, so we try to obtain the largest possible amount of bream, taking into account our material possibilities. As the first step this year, a total of 1,000 kg (approx. 70,000 pieces) of beautiful, healthy one-year-old bream were planted in the entire section of the Pinka stream (Vaskeresztes, Horvátlövő, Szentpéterfa) and in the Vaskeresztes backwaters from Halászmester Kft. in Szombathely, its managing director, Péter Balassa and with the help of our professional fish keeper Balázs Szekeres.

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