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We surprised the iron waters with New Year's planting of perch - 01.09.2024

Our association tries to make the most of the opportunity to plant different native predatory species while making use of the available resources. Based on the request already received, despite the worsening weather conditions, on Tuesday, January 9, from the Sárbogárd premises of individual entrepreneur Gábor Killer, a total of 400 kg of 20-50 dkg average weight - approx. 1,200-1,300 student perch entered the iron waters. The 400 kg of perch that arrived on January 9, 2024 was distributed in the following Federal backwaters: Szombathely Boating Lake: 100 kg Szombathely Fishing Lake: 50 kg Új-perint Lake I: 100 kg Püspökmolnár Lake: 100 kg Vasvár Boating Lake : 50 kg Despite the cold weather, the installed item was installed precisely and carefully, measured in water, in all water areas. The installation was supported by the Sárvíz-tavi Fishermen's Association in Vaskeresztes of the Association with HUF 2 million.

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