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The subsidized fish stocking program ended with 702 kilos of perch

ÁPFE-V/4/2023 by the Hungarian National Fishing Association. The fish stocking program carried out with the help of support under the title "Introduction and restocking of standard and preferred native fish species" under the code number, ended on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, with the stocking of perch. Together with this year's current predator stocking, 1,000 kg of catchable-sized pike, 882 kg of two-year-old perch and 7,000 pre-raised brown trout, 12,500 pre-raised walleye, 5,000 pre-raised walleye and 20,000 pike have found a new home in the iron waters. Our professional fish watchers for the long day on Wednesday are Tógazda ZRT. They started at their site, where after the fishing and gentle weighing in the water, and after loading, the following amount of two-year-old perch were escorted and introduced into our waters: - Celldömölki Téglagyári lake: 50 kg - Csánigi lake: 50 kg - Püspökmolnári lake: 50 kg - Magyarszecsődi lake: 100 kg - Hársas lake in Máriaújfalu: 150 kg (partially supported by HE Szentgotthárdi) - Kerkafalva Kéthattar lake: 50 kg - Vadása lake: 50 kg - Rába river Alsószölnök: 50 kg - Rába river Körmend: 50 kg - Rába river Ikervár: 102 kg (Vas with the support of HE M. Savaria)

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