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4,600 kg of beautiful bream arrived in the Vasi waters - 16.11.2023.

During the fall, the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations successfully applied for the Hungarian National Fishing Association ÁPFE-V/4/2023. - In the "Introduction and reintroduction of standard and preferred native fish species" program. Thanks to the tender, MOHOSZ provides HUF 3,631,000 in support for autumn fishing, in addition to a net federal contribution of HUF 7,811,500. With the help of the support, on November 16, 2023, Togazda ZRT. from the Somogyapát lake unit, the following amount of bream in excellent condition entered the waters of our association: Water area Weight (kg) Celldömölki lake 400 Csánigi lake 300 Vasvár lakes 300 Püspökmolnári lake 300 Magyarszecsődi lake 500 Lársas lake Máriaujfalu 500 Újperint lake 400 Szombathely lake 400 Szombathelyi Horgásztó 300 Gen team fishing pond 300 Kéthatár Lake Kerkafalva 300 Vadása Lake 300 Pinka Stream + Pinka Backwater 300 The Celldömölki Lake is partially planted by the local Lokomotiv HPP. was realized with the support of In addition, 50 kg of two-year-old perch in excellent condition were placed in Újperint I. no. on mine lake, and 100 kg on Szombathely Csónakázó lake. The Újperint I. no. the postponement of the lake was partially supported by Spartacus HE.

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