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Carps and grass carp arrived in the fishing ponds with association support - 14.11.2023

Despite the difficult economic conditions and the high fish prices, the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations has released nearly 60 tons of carp in the waters of Vas with today's stocking. for which we also thank the supporting fishing organization. The following fish shipments arrived from Tógazda Zrt.'s premises in Zalaszentgrót - under the supervision of fisheries guards Balázs Szekeres and Károly Sipos - on Tuesday: ✅ Lake Csánigi: 50 kg of grass carp, 150 kg of carp (supported by HE Répcelaki) ☑️ Lake Répcelaki (C&R) : 50 kg carp (with the support of Répcelaki HE) ✅Újperint I. lake: 50 kg carp, 250 kg carp (with the support of Spartacus HE) ☑️Téglagyári lake of Csepreg: 50 kg carp, 150 kg carp (with the support of Répcement HE) ✅Vasvár lakes: 50 kg grass carp, 300 kg carp (with the support of Vasvár Petőfi HE.) Our Association has official permits for the stocking of the grass carp described above and they were carried out according to the current fish management plans.

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