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Dévérkeszeg and perch installation with MOHOSZ support - 04.11.2022

On Friday, the following quantities of fish arrived in our waters from the Tógazda Zrt. site in Nagyberk as a result of a whole day's fishing: Rába river section between Ikervár and Rum: 130 kg II. summer perch (approx. 200-250) Hunting lake: 250 kg II. summer bream Magyarszecsőd gravel mine lake: 300 kg II. summer bream Máriaújfalui Hársas-tó: 300 kg II. Summer Dévérszeg Újperint I. no. gravel pit lake: 400 kg II. summer bream Szombathely Boating Lake: 500 kg II. summer bream Szombathelyi Horgásztó: 250 kg II. summer bream

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