Iron Fishing Best Sport Fishing Series 2019

For the tenth time, the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations has organized the Vasi Waters' Best Sport Fishing Series in the hobby and sport fishing category. This year's competition also saw a good number of competitors, with an average of about 50-55 participants per round, with 138 anglers taking part in the entire competition. On several occasions before the race, you had to close your pre-registration due to over-application. In both categories, at least 3 of the 5 rounds specified were required for the sport angler to be evaluated in the competition. Anyone could enter the tournament without the entry fee, but only the results of the members of the Vas County Fishing Association are included in the overall evaluation. In the racing category, as we were accustomed to, there was a close fight throughout the year. Before the final round, even more starters had a chance of a final win. In the end, Zsolt Horváth, the leader of the series, was not eliminated from the top of the podium, but the second and third place was a big battle. Out of the two Electric riders this time the luck of the angler was against Zoltán Török against Gábor Tordai. After five rounds they were both up by 68 points. In this case, the fourth best result in the competition was the silver and bronze medal. While for Zoltán Török this was a sector second, while for Gábor Tordai it was a sector sixth. Thus Gábor Tordai finished 3rd in the competition and Zoltán Török finished 2nd. Out of the field, Zsolt Horváth is the only one in Szentgotthárd. Zsolt not only shone his excellent angling skills under tough competition conditions, but he also attended , where he helped several people with disabilities to get to know the fishing industry, and succeeded in making the lives of our injured fellow citizens an unforgettable experience. In the adult category of hobby, the lead was evenly balanced, which is no better proven than the finish of the series with a double in the lead and a triple in the bronze medal. Thanks to the triple-tie, the third place finish was also determined by the fourth best result. In the end, this time, Gábor Bálint (HR Worker of Körmend), who is a big shaker, is worth only 5th place this time. Tibor Pajtli (Spartacus HE.) Finished fourth in the tie before the final round. The bronze medal was eventually awarded to Spartacus HE. Tamás Borsos was the pecé since his fourth best was better than his other two rivals. The victory required three sector leaders in this category as well. Two of them were capable of this feat, so László Pajtli (Spartacus HE.) And Sándor Horváth (Border Guard SHE) were able to finish three times. The fourth best result was also determined in the tie, according to which the defending champion László Pajtli had to reach the silver medal this year. In 2019, Sándor Horváth became the winner of the adult category of hobby competition in the Best Fishing Horse of Vasi waters. In recognition of the year-round performance of juvenile hobby anglers, the Association will also award a special prize to the most skillful barbers. This year's series of events attracted the most young athletes this year, with 19 young people taking part in the various competitions, which is very pleasing to us compared to the previous 8 to 12 participants. The title was won in the youth competition, as Norbert Misák (Büki HE.) Was the winner of the series in 2018 with 65 points this year, Marcell Varga (Spartacus HE.) Finished second with 61 points last year, after Rebecca Szabados (Spartacus) HE.) Finished third this year with 42 points.

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