Integrated Fishing Afternoon Iron Cross - Photo: Georgina Nagy

Today, the Iron County Association of Sport Fishing Associations and Disabled and Homeless Nonprofit Ltd. organized a friendly joint fishing day called Integrated Fishing Day. Sports anglers and people with disabilities have teamed up to chase fish from the Alps Lake Iron Cross. In the friendly fishing competition the following results were obtained: 1. Sofia Takács & Zsolt Horváth 3710 g 2. Réka Szilassy & István Fördős 3440 g 3. Edina Bozzay & Imre Bősze 3360 g The total amount of fish caught was 7 710 g. We will report on the event in detail on our website, as well as in the Vas Nép and Szombathely TV. The event was supported by a project from Pink to Raba - Fish as a Local Product in the framework of the call VP6-19.3.1-1-17, Preparation and Implementation of LEADER LAG Cooperation Activities. Sponsors of the event: Decathlon Szombathely / Pesca Bt. - Szentgotthárd / Zsoltné Geröly sole trader We would like to thank the sponsors and volunteers of the event for their help!

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