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In Vas's waters a fishing site is launched in the county daily newspaper

Last Friday, the Federation of Sport Fishing Associations held an Autumn Presidency meeting, in the presence of association leaders Eszter Lőrincz-Farkas, Editor-in-Chief of the Iron Nation and Miklós Seregi, President of the Association of Sport Fishing Associations, announced their cooperation. As a result of this partnership, the Iron Nation publishes a bi-weekly fishing site. The fishing page will be released for the first time on Friday next week. The purpose of the Vasi Waters page is to promote sport fishing, Vasi fishing community life and the protection of fish and their habitat. Norbert Puskás, executive chairman of the association, said at the meeting that the talks began in August and that the site is expected to provide news not only about the association but also the 27 fishing associations. As part of the cooperation, the nearly 10,000 anglers in the Association's federations will have up-to-date information on Vas waters in the county daily newspaper. The Iron Nation is the county's largest daily newspaper in the country, the most important media in the county - stressed Eszter Lőrincz-Farkas, adding that he is confident that fishing will be promoted alongside the federation. Vas Népe is also preparing subscriber promotions for anglers in the association.

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