Compliance anglers and more recent fisheries surveillance experiences

Last weekend, October 19-20, 2019, our professional fishermen, along with patrols from the regionally competent Police Department and active social fishermen, performed their inspection duties throughout the county. In addition to the more visited fishing waters, our fishermen paid attention to the inspection of the less frequented lakes and river sections visited by fewer fishermen. Following the routine pre-command fishing watches, on Saturday, October 26, 2019, our fishermen boarded again. In addition to the wonders of the River Rába in the autumn, anglers from the Twin Range swamp got more attention, both from the water and from the shore. The fishermen on the water justified the relatively modest catches with the unusual warmth, but they reassured our fishermen that the river would continue to give nice fish with patience and skill. Following the boat inspection, our fishermen separated the further swollen sections of the Rába, the Little Rába, the Püspökmolnár and Vasvár Lakes, the almost “full” Gersekarát Sárvíz Lake, the Abért Lakes, the Magyarszecsődi Lake and the thermal camera Ikervári . During the same period as the boat inspection, there was a group inspection on the nicki section of the river Rába, on the lakes Merseváti, Rábasömjén, Répcelak and Csánig. Two beautiful pike were caught on the Mersevati Peat Lake during the inspection. Both complex joint controls caused a pleasant disappointment to our fishermen, as no glaring irregularities were found. During the two days, a total of 10 alerts were issued, mainly due to the lack of light on the fishing ground and the obligation to indicate the fishing day.

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