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2,600 kg of carp arrived in federal waters today

Despite the increasingly difficult economic conditions, the Vas County Association of Sport Fishing Associations, in order to ensure the continuous supply of fishing fish to the waters under its management, on Thursday, instead of the 1700 kg of fish planned for today, stocked 2600 kg of market carp from Tógazda Zrt.'s lake unit in Cserő. 🙏 We especially ask everyone that the national fish shortage and nowadays already br. Due to market carp prices reaching HUF 1,500/kg, pay particular attention to complying with the size and daily and annual quantity restrictions of the fish. During the fall, our fishing guards also check the individual weight and quota of the fish kept and recorded in the catch log. On Thursday, September 8, 2022, the following installations were carried out: 🔸 Gencsapáti-Pereny lake: 310 kg 🔸 Csepreg Téglagyári lake: 260 kg 🔸 Rábasömjén lake: 305 kg 🔹 Csánigi lake: 305 kg 🔹 Celldömölki Téglagyári lake: 300 kg 🔹 Lake Nagypiriti: 250 kg 🔶 Lake Vasvári: 310 kg 🔶 Lake Püspökmolnári: 310 kg 🔶 Dammed section of Rába river Ikervári: 250 kg In September, we plan to plant more carp in Kerkaszentkirály, Kerkafalva and Lake Vadása and, depending on financial possibilities, in other locations. 🆓After the fish stocking, a general fishing ban will no longer be ordered in any water area! In order to comply with the annual quantity quotas, the fishing guards will sanction a significant difference (greater than 0.5 kg) between the weight recorded in the catch log and the actual individual weight, so enter as precisely as possible what you want to keep! ⚠️Furthermore, we would like to draw the attention of fellow anglers T. that according to our current fishing regulations: "if the annual quantity limitation of noble fish is indicated on the territorial ticket or the accompanying extract, then after reaching the annual quota of noble fish permitted with the regional ticket, a new regional ticket or quota the holder of the license is obliged to change the ticket if he wishes to continue fishing in the Federal waters! We wish you a good catch!

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